freshly backed baguettes

ham or cheese  €5.95

ham, cheese, tomato, egg and salad  €8

warm meatball with andalusian sauce  €8

spicy meatball  €8,25

carpaccio, parmesan, pine seeds, basil  €10,50

smoked salmon and trout  €10,50

3 fried eggs with ham and cheese  €10,50

toast with ham and cheese  €9.50


cold starters

smoked fish on toast  €16.00

carpaccio, parmesan, pine seeds, balsamico sauce  €14.75



oignon soup gratin  €6.75

tomato soup with cream and croutons  €6,25

soup of the day  €5.75


warm starters

shrimp croquette with salade, 1 or 2 pcs  €9.50 / €16.50

prawns chante-clair (6 pcs), tomato-cream sauce with white wine and veggies  €14,75

prawns (6 pcs) in garlic-cream sauce  €14,75

grilled camembert with ham €14.00



salad with prawns and red pesto  €19.50

Norwegian salad with smoked salmon and trout  €17.25

ceasar salad, with chicken and parmesan,   €15.75

salad with grilled val-dieu cheese, nuts and apple  €15.75


besides below mentioned dishes, we also serve weekly changing Suggestions of the Chef


meat dishes, with fries & salad

duck fillet with orange sauce, accompanied with warm vegetables   €24,00

steak (obus) maïtre d'hôtel *   €21.25

Irish entrecôte (450-500 gr) *  €29.50

spare ribs in home made oriental marinade  €20.00

saté; porc skewer home made  €20.00

schnitzel (porc cutlet) *  €17.25

home made hamburger  €16.75

chicken stew home made  €16.75

meatballs in greek tomatosauce  €15.75

meatballs in huntersauce  €15.75

* sauces: muchroom-cream, green pepper, provençale, béarnaise  €2.50


fish with potatoes & salad

fillet of salmon with cream sauce  €22.75

prawns chante clair, tomato-cream saus with white wine and veggies  €21.75

fried trout Ardennaise, with mushroom-bacon cream sauce and fries  €21.00

fried trout à la meunière and potato gratin (suppl almonds €0.75)  €19.00






spaghetti bolognaise  €14.50

spaghetti "Baronaise"  €13.50

tagliatella carbonara  €14.50



pancake with sugar and sirop  €4.25

pancake with apple, sugar and sirop  €5.75

pancake with bacon and sirop  €6.75

pancake with cheese and sirop  €6.75

pancake mikado with chocolat sauce and ice cream  €7.00


for the kids

fries with chicken nuggets  €7.50

fries with croquettes  €8.75

small portion spaghetti bolognese  €7.50

small portion tagliatelle carbonara  €7.50



moelleux au chocolat  €8.00

tiramisu home made   €8.00

crème brulée with speculoos  €8.50

coupe dame blanche  €8.00

coupe brésilienne  €8.00

coupe fruit sorbet  €8.00

coupe: 2 or 3 tastes of choice, whipped cream  €5.50 - €7.50



waffle with, powdered sugar and cream  €6.75

apple pie with whipped cream  €4.25

coffee with apple pie, cream and ice   €5.50